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Secretary for Culture, Sports & Tourism Kevin Yeung today attended the launch ceremony of Voyage with Van Gogh, an “Art@Harbour 2024” project being staged at the Cultural Centre Piazza from now until May 31.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr Yeung said the Leisure & Cultural Services Department has joined hands with three esteemed local partners - K11 Group, Sino Group, and the First Initiative Foundation (FIF), to present a collection of artworks that adorn the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade.

These artworks complement the art installations currently on show at Tamar Park on the opposite shore, brightening up both sides of the harbour.

Voyage with Van Gogh will take audiences on a multisensory journey, capturing the essence of Van Gogh’s iconic paintings and the creative spirit of Spanish artist Vritis.

Mr Yeung said this immersive experience is beautifully enhanced by local original music and the enchanting night view of Victoria Harbour to demonstrate Hong Kong’s strength in integrating both Chinese and Western cultures seamlessly.

Voyage with Van Gogh showcases a digital artwork, Cycles, created by Spanish new digital art studio VISURA Studio and artist Vritis, and paired with the original piece of music Rain or Shine composed by Leon Ko, produced by Chiu Tsang-hei and performed by Niu Niu and Wang Liang.

Presented by the FIF in collaboration with the Van Gogh Heritage Foundation in the Netherlands, Voyage with Van Gogh is supported by the Mega Arts & Cultural Events Fund of the Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau.

After the ceremony, Mr Yeung took an art cruise and viewed the digital art exhibition Chromaflux presented by Sino Group in collaboration with local art organisation HKWALLS.

Earlier today, Mr Yeung also went to the K11 MUSEA promenade to see the sculpture l’ordre des mondes (Totem) by artist Alicja Kwade and presented by K11 Group in collaboration with Pace Gallery.

Both projects are part of the “Art@Harbour 2024” programme.


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