📓 Basic Info 基本資料

Red Foundation Limited is a business entity registered in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Incorporated on 01-11-2018, it is a Company limited by guarantee and its company registration number is 2761452.

Since 27-12-2023, The Government of the Hong Kong SAR has been using Business Registration Number (BRN) as unique identifier for business entities in Hong Kong. The 8-digit business registration number for Red Foundation Limited is 70032900.

The registration address of Red Foundation Limited is 灣仔皇后大道東109-115號 智群商業中心18字樓A室, 香港. According to open business data, the business status of this company is LIVE

潤方慈善基金有限公司是一家於中華人民共和國香港特別行政區註冊的無股本的擔保有限公司。 它成立於 01-11-2018,公司註冊號碼是 2761452。

自2023年12月27日起,香港特別行政區政府使用商業登記號碼(BRN)作為香港商業實體的唯一識別碼。潤方慈善基金有限公司 的 8 位商業登記號碼是 70032900。

潤方慈善基金有限公司的公司註冊地址為 灣仔皇后大道東109-115號 智群商業中心18字樓A室, 香港 。根據公開資料,它的經營狀況是 仍註冊中

👓 Biz Profile 業務概況

Our AI model infers that Red Foundation Limited has a high probability of participation in the business sector of education and social work activities.

根據我們的人工智能模型推演,潤方慈善基金有限公司有較高的機率從事 教育及社會工作活動 業務。

🌐 Official Website 官方網址

Representatives from Red Foundation Limited are welcomed to submit your official website URL. We display human-submitted and verified corporate URLs only.

歡迎潤方慈善基金有限公司代表提交貴司的官方網站網址。 我們只會顯示人工提交並經過核實的公司網址。

The above profile is compiled with data available from public domains. This is not an official webpage of the aforesaid company.

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